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Building Healthcare Conference

2 October 2018

Dr. Hassan El-Kalla, the Chairman of the Egyptians for Healthcare Services (EHCS), will present in “Building Healthcare Conference and Exhibition; which will be held in Dubai-UAE during 2-4 October 2018. Dr. El-Kalla; in collaboration with HKS the Gold Sponsor of the conference will present the CAPITAL MED Project.

HKS is the leader of the design team of CAPITAL MED. HKS is ranked among the top healthcare design firms in the world, with 24 offices worldwide.

HKS’s Healthcare portfolio includes more than 3,700 unique projects representing 160,000 beds and 370-million square feet.

Based on the theme “Delivering fit-for-purpose healthcare facilities”, the conference aims at addressing the main challenges involved in planning, designing, building and operating a healthcare facility.

The Building Healthcare Congress will offer unparalleled access to the latest developments, innovations and best practices to keep your healthcare build project ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving market.

The Governmental Authorities approval

12 September 2018

Based on the outstanding and unique concept behind CAPITAL MED, The Governmental Authorities approved the project concept paper and feasibility study. The authorities approved increasing the allocated land area to the project from 56 acres to be 110 acres (440,000 square meters).

The project will be solidly grounded in the roots of Egyptian culture, yet modern and clean in its expression of architectural and interior design.