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Educational System International (ESI)

Edu-Systems International is the first education industry development enterprise in Egypt with the aim to improve education in the Middle East and Africa. The focal point of ESI is to improve educational operation, systems and tools in order to contribute to the general education reform program endorsed by the government


ESI mission is to advance the quality of education by providing integrated solutions, which utilize cutting edge products and services.

ESI is striving to be the first and largest education development enterprise in the region that endorses the education reform efforts by providing the institutions and individuals interested in the education industry with a One Stop Shop integrated solutions that will enable them reaching their ultimate potentials and realizing the highest levels of economies of scale.


Recruit highly qualified teachers for national and international school.

Provide various training programs for building capacity, and human resources development.

Offer post-graduate degree in International Education in cooperation with American International College, USA

Enhance quality of education for Schools in cooperation with American International Association of schools and colleges

Implement modern technology, one-to-one learning, and school management systems.

Prepare educational institutions for accreditation by national and international agencies.

Develop and introduce digital curriculum.

Organize workshop and conferences in the field of education




Contact Info
Tel: 22677 012 or 22677 013



ESI Activities 

  • School Management System
  • Quality Assurance
  • International School Accreditation
  • National School Accreditation
  • Professional Development
  • Master Degree Program in International Education
  • Digital Content and Integrated Solutions
  • Recruitment Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Partnerships