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Prof. Mahmoud El Tayeb

Prof. Mahmoud El Tayeb

Is rheumatology and rehabilitation Professor at Ain Shams University in Cairo. He is a board member of the Egyptian of Health Care Services Company (EHCS). Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El Tayeb was the President of the Central Directorate and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ain Shams University Hospitals and he was the Vice President of Postgraduate Studies, Research and International Relations at Ain Shams University

He was appointed as the President of Helwan University moreover he was the president of the higher committee of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at both Ain Shams and Helwan Universities. He was the head of the board of directors of the joint master (German as Foreign Language – DAF) at Ain Shams University and supervised the International Education Management (Egyptian – German Master’s Program) (INEMA) since its early beginnings. He is currently the Program Director of INEMA on the Egyptian side.