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Cairo Investment and Real Estate (CIRA)

Founded in 1992, CIRA is the single largest private sector investor working in the education sector in Egypt. The company’s vision emerged from the intent and desire to improve the quality of education in Egypt for the middle class in particular. With more than 20,000 students and over 20 schools across several governorates in our flagship “Futures Schools”, CIRA continues to offer high quality K-12 education at affordable prices for the Egyptian mid-market segment. The quality of our schools is evident from the consistent Futures top ranking students among the national and district rakings.

We pride ourselves in owning all our schools and managing our operations and support services through the company’s subsidiaries. These services include: educational management, educational materials, technological solutions, construction, maintenance, and transportation. Moreover, CIRA has recently expanded into higher-education, with its launching of Badr University in Cairo (BUC) in 2014. BUC currently has 8 colleges in a 45 acre campus and has more than 3,500 enrolled students.

CIRA’s schools offer national and international curricula, and strive to enhance the intellectual, cultural, scientific, social, moral, and physical skills of the students through the application of advanced technology. To that aim, CIRA has made massive investments in auxiliary educational services and innovative models of education. One example of this is the launching of Mavericks, the first blended learning school in Egypt. Mavericks employs up-to- date technology in a manner that allows us to customize the learning experience to each student’s individual need, and provides world class education at prices that match the financial capabilities of middle class families. We have also developed an online portal called SKOOL in partnership with INTEL and the Ministry of Education. The SKOOL platform provides extensive online educational material that is accessed by over 2 million Egyptian students.


In 2015, CIRA initiated its regional expansion program in the MENA region and sub-Saharan Africa

starting with Doha, Qatar. CIRA will be moving into various countries across both regions with the

intention of providing affordable high quality education and alternative, innovative educational models that utilize modern technology and local resources.

CIRA’s experience, and its highly profitable and efficient operational model are ideal for this expansion.