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Badr University (BUC)

Badr University in Cairo (BUC) is an Egyptian private university founded in 2013 by the presidential decree 117/2013. – Our campus equipped with the latest and most advanced educational technology, resources and facilities. Surrounded by greenery and a breathtaking landscape, students will enjoy a friendly and healthy environment.

BUC provides a safe and a positive environment for students learning, where students, faculty members and staff cooperate effectively to achieve intended learning outcomes, which in turn have an impact on the community to achieve sustainability.

The mission of the university is committed to prepare graduates equipped with 21st century skills and be able to compete in the job market and conduct research that leads to improving community, environment and achieving prosperity.

  • Schools:

Badr university in Egypt currently comprises 9 schools, BUC aspires to graduate students characterized by integrity who are able achieve their goals, serve the world, and face different challenges.

  • school of physical therapy:
    • Basic science
    • Physical therapy for internal medicine & geriatrics.
    • Physical therapy for orthopedic and orthopedic surgery.
    • Physical therapy for neurology & neurosurgery.
    • Physical therapy for pediatrics & pediatric surgery.
    • Physical therapy for woman health.
    • Physical therapy for surgery and burn.
  • School of Dental & Oral medicine:
    • Department of Basic and medical sciences.
    • Department of Oral biology and pathology.
    • Department of Conservative therapy.
    • Department of Prosthodontics.
    • Department of Oral surgery & Maxilla facial surgery.
    • Department of Oral medicine, Periodontology diagnosis and Radiology.
    • Department of Child dental health.
  • School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical industries:
    • Department of Pharmacognosy.
    • Department of Chemistry.
    • Department of Microbiology.
    • Department of Pharmacology.
    • Department of Biochemistry.
    • Department of Pharmaceutics.
    • Department of Clinical pharmacy.
  • School of Nursing:
    • Fundamental of nursing.
    • Adult health nursing.
    • Maternal & Newborn health nursing.
    • Children & adolescent health nursing.
    • Mental health nursing.
    • Family & community health nursing.
    • Nursing service administration.
  • School of Engineering and Technology:
    • Architectural engineering.
    • Civil engineering.
    • Electrical engineering.
    • Mechanical engineering.
    • Chemical and Petrochemical engineering.
  • School of Business & economics:
    • Department of Accounting.
    • Department of Marketing.
    • Department of political science.
    • Department of economics.
    • Department of management.
  • School of Applied Arts:
    • Product design.
    • Media design & Graphics.
    • Interior design & furniture.
    • Cinematography & Television.
    • Ceramics & Glass.
    • Apparel & Fashion.
  • School of linguistics & translation:
    • English department.
    • Spanish department.
    • Spanish department.
    • Italian department.
    • Chinese department.
    • German department.
  • School of Performing Arts & filmmaking:
    • Acting department.
    • Filmmaking department.
    • Graphics & multimedia department
    • Design department.
    • Media & Advertising department.
    • Performing Arts department.
    • Music & singing department

The new 7 faculties is expected to commence:

In addition to the 9 operating faculties, Badr University in Cairo (BUC) is currently working on obtaining the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Private Universities to launch 7 new faculties, The 7 new faculties are as follows:

  • Faculty of Medicine.
  • Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.
  • Faculty of Applied Veterinary Sciences.
  • Faculty of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of Political Sciences, Diplomacy and Political Relations.
  • Faculty of Law.



Each school has its own library which contains the standard books needed for undergraduate courses, along with other materials related to different subjects and offers a wide range of quality resources and facilities to support learning, teaching and research.

Medical Center

The medical center serves anyone who is injured at university and can be taken for first aid. Medical center is provided with the needed medicine, equipment, material, kits and tools. There are highly qualified doctors to help and take care of students and staff.

Food court:

In our food court we serve healthy food for students and staff members, fresh juices and variety of healthy sandwiches and snacks.


BUC provides off-campus residences conveniently located in Badr city. The fully-furnished students’ residence will offer comfortable living for students at competitive rates with many services including transportation to and from campus.


BUC offers well trained drivers and new buses with limit speed tracked by the University for more Safety that covers more than 10 areas inside and outside Cairo.

Giving back to the community:

BUC offers “a free dental treatment” and “free physical therapy treatment” for patients from different areas specially patients of Badr city which helps in improving the welfare of society.